Fish-skin Card Holders
5.290 kr

These unique card holders are made from fish leather that is environmentally friendly in two different ways. Is is a bi-product of the fishing industry, utlilising raw material that would not otherwise be used, and the production process makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.

Salmon fish-skin

Origin: Salmon lives wild in the North Atlantic ocean, and returns to Icelandic rivers to breed. Salmon for human consumption is also farmed in sea pens off Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, Norway and elsewhere. All the skin of salmon used by Atlantic Leather is sourced from salmon farms in the Nordic countries.

Wolfish smooth and spotted. Soft surface and not scaly.

Origin: The wolfish is a demersal (deep-sea) species, which is caught for human consumption in the seas off the coast Iceland. Atlantic Leather sources its wolfish skins from Icelandic fishing companies.

Fish leather is just as durable as regular leather and doesn't mind getting wet!