Futhark wall sticker
Futhark wall sticker Futhark wall sticker Futhark wall sticker
7.900 kr

When Iceland was settled, the written alphabet of the Norse peoples consisted of runes. The word rune originally meant a secret or covert symbol used for magical purposes. Runes were scratched or chiseled into hard material like wood, horn or stone and were characterized by straight lines and angles. The runic alphabet that was used in ancient times is called Futhark based on the first six characters of the alphabet. Almost one hundred rune inscriptions have been discovered in Iceland and the oldest one, found in Viðey (an island just off Reykjavík), is probably from the tenth or eleventh century. It has been hypothesized that inscriptions involving the entire runic alphabet, as seen in the wall sticker, where used as a talisman or had simply been carved for teaching purposes.

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Size: 11,5 x 120 cm